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My Story

My name is David Stapleton - hello there, and thanks for stopping by! 

My first love has always been helping people. I've done that in a variety of life circumstances - the armed forces, colleges for adults with learning difficulties, and now as a teacher of meditation, mindfulness and movement. 


23 years ago, I discovered that you could take positive, concrete steps to relieve anxiety and build resilience in the mind and body. Since then I've developed practical and proven methods of meditation and movement techniques, based on mindfulness, yoga and chi-gung.

I've spent the last 15 years in adult education, helping people of all backgrounds and abilities achieve their aims and raise their aspirations. ​

As an accredited mindfulness teacher, it's my role to pass on valuable tools that you can then apply to your life.

Let me show you how to work with mind and body to enjoy life, reduce anxiety and beat stress!

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My Approach

Stress manifests as tension in the body.

My approach is practical, aimed at getting you to learn techniques that allow you to minimise tension, and therefore remain resilient against stress, whatever your environment.

Everyone is vulnerable to stress, so everyone is entitled to learn and practice how to best it. Everything I do is built around diversity, inclusion, and person-centred practice - it's about working with you to beat stress. 

My lessons are COVID secure at the studio, and fully interactive when delivered online. 

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