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Workplace Mindfulness

Energise your team!

Stress is bad for you, your team, and for everyone. Learning how to de-stress will enable your teams to consistently perform better. We'll use meditation, breathing exercises and learning to empower everyone to gain more control of their reactions and make the workplace


Despite the name, this isn't about making you so relaxed that you don't perform! Being in control of one's responses to stress makes you energised, more confident in approaching problems, and more resilient. Learning in a group is more fun, and leads to sustainable development all round.


Depending on your specific needs for your work teams, I can:


  • Lead high-energy presentations for large audiences

  • Run department workshops

  • Bring a team of excellent quality yoga and meditation teachers to make sure extra-large teams are covered

  • Mindful leadership sessions for senior managers


COVID 19 - all interventions can be facilitated by video link or onsite. All site visits will be made in accordance with the client's Covid arrangements, and all interventions will be socially distanced and compatible with face coverings.


Contact me below to discuss what your requirements would be. I'll set up a video call with you or members of your leadership team to craft a team experience with lasting impact.

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